The Restaurant
Our à la carte restaurant is available to external customers and hotel guests, both for lunch and dinner, by booking a table. Our traditional Venetian cuisine with its Gardesana connotation awaits you for a unique taste experience. Our Italian wines will accompany your holiday or your anniversaries and ceremonies.

Since 1962 our restaurant has continued in the tradition and conservation of great dishes of the Venetian cuisine of Lake Garda. Alongside our à la carte menu, the great Lugana wine is born here a few steps away in ancient and luxuriant vineyards. The Lion of San Marco is the symbol of the Hotel Ristorante Papa to remember the historical and culinary link of these places with Venice and the Serenissima Republic.

Our dishes

In the kitchen the large grill of Carlo and the hands of Augusta and Amelia offer the typical dishes of our tradition. Most of the delicacies are prepared by the expert hands of our cooks, from fresh pasta to the tasty gardener to the Venetian delicatessen that is prepared every year with the ritual of the past. Unforgettable then the fresh pasta such as lasagna, cannelloni, tortellini. The freshest lake fish including Pike in sauce and the delicious Lavarello del Garda. In season you can taste the famous Sarde di Lago in Saor, a legacy of the Venetian domination, depending on availability to fish, eel, perch and more. Lavarello is the prince of Garda specialties, a Salmonide with a white and delicious pulp introduced by man in the early 1900s and today a symbol of our crystalline waters.

Among the fine meats we offer the Tomahawk and Florentine cut of Scottona. Our desserts, homemade by the skilled hands of Valentina, are much appreciated.